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You can Pay in 2 parts!

You can pay only 50% of the price when placing an order and submit the rest after we finish your paper and deliver it to you. The Pay in 2 service adds an extra 5% to the price of your order.

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Let’s imagine a scenario: You wake up to realize that you’ve got three papers to write for your history, art, and biology classes and discover that you have no time or inspiration to complete them. There seems to be no way out of this misfortune until you decide to seek help from someone else. If this sounds familiar to you, it’s a high time to try our paper writing service!

Numerous learners from the USA and many other countries struggle to find a research paper writing service they trust. That’s never easy, because most students need a legit organization that doesn’t make them pay too much and takes proper care of confidentiality. Most companies that offer academic help have these features, but some of them are scammers, which makes the search process a bit dangerous. Luckily, CustomWritings has got your back.

We have all the features from above, and we don't stop at that standard level. Our college research paper writing service is special in that it's about more than making you buy research papers created by our experts no matter what. We’re attentive to your needs and try our hardest to really help you in an individualized way instead of just giving you a standard, hastily written essay.

In other words, we fulfill all your requests and try our hardest to do it on time. All you need to do is give all the necessary details when placing your order. We believe that providing research paper writing help is about security and reliability, as well as real professionalism at acceptable prices.

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If you’re trying to find a cheap research paper writing service that’s also the best research paper writing service for you, there’s always one question to ask. How are we so sure that our website is the best place to order nursing or law research papers, along with journal articles and even some works of the PhD level? Well, let’s take a look at our most important practical advantages together.

  • 24/7 customer support. You can call or text our reliable operators 24/7 and ask for any assistance at all. Whether you need guidance while placing an order or there are some details you’d like to clarify, our support team will always be there for you.
  • Any academic format. We know other styles besides APA and MLA, and we’re not afraid to use them. You can request any legitimate format you need, from MHRA to ASA, and get it for free.
  • Pleasant freebies. That’s right, you don’t pay for academic formatting, but it doesn’t end there, either! We give you the title page of your paper and references free of charge as well. On top of that, we don’t charge anything for the assistance of our support team, though you still need to pay for your calls.
  • Direct communication. There are many cases where you wish you could contact your research paper writer and just discuss how to write your science essay or medical research paper in detail. The good news is, you can do this using our service.

As you can see, we can give you an excellent custom research paper, but you can also order an article critique or some different college papers. The only action that’s required is placing an order at

Who are our research paper
writers for hire?

If you want to hire research paper writers, you can be curious about their personalities, and we are glad to introduce some of our specialists:

Diana Knight
Diana Knight Experience 5 years
Robin Evans
Robin Evans Experience 7.5 years
Lisa Coin
Lisa Coin Experience 4 years
Francis White
Francis White Experience 9 years
Diana Knight
Diana Knight
98% (450 reviews)

Diana is really into nursing, biology, and psychology. She knows how fast healthcare develops and always uses only the newest sources for research papers she writes.

Orders completed: 516

Total pages written: 3087

Robin Evans
Robin Evans
97% (104 reviews)

Robin is very good at business, finances, and management. His research papers are always well-structured and delivered on time.

Orders completed: 435

Total pages written: 2169

Lisa Coin
Lisa Coin
99% (238 reviews)

Lisa is a creative person, and her literature, poetry, and art research papers are positively impressive. She is always original and simply a pro in citing and paraphrasing.

Orders completed: 703

Total pages written: 4412

Francis White
Francis White
98% (422 reviews)

Francis seems to know everything about sociology, human resource management, and politics. He’s had many returning customers who chose him as their research papers writer again and again.

Orders completed: 611

Total pages written: 3125

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A good research paper service should be rigorous

Many research paper services out there treat small details that matter without proper attention. For example, how important could it be to specify the page where you found each quote? Also, why not use tips from unreliable sources, even if you can’t cite them properly? Some of these companies even go as far as copying some parts of scientific works by others and pasting them without any changes or even quotation marks.

As you probably know by now, all these things are strictly unacceptable at CustomWritings. Whether you need help with a custom term paper, a scientific project, a business report, or just a simple argumentative essay, we make sure that every single in-text citation is in the right place. Our professional research paper writers work really hard to get all the details right, so there's no need to worry about the quality of your paper when you order from our website.

It’s also important to understand that our research paper service works with the best experts we can hire. Paying them fairly is one of the policies that makes us one of the best academic helpers on the market. That’s why we can’t assist you for free, but do offer flexible pricing, allowing you to pay less if you choose long deadlines. So, if you want to get cheap research papers from a legal and rigorous service, we’re here to offer you all the assistance you might require.

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You can get the term paper writing service of your dreams

Some students will hardly believe it, but a term paper service with all the necessary guarantees really exists, and you’re looking at it right now. Here’s what you get automatically when you order papers from CustomWritings.

  • 100% originality. Every paper that our experts craft for the students at the high school, university, or college level contains zero plagiarism. We don’t treat any task lightly and always double check that the references are correct.
  • Full confidentiality. We don’t disclose customers’ information publicly, so all the data you share with us stays with us. We also thoroughly encrypt your payments to ensure that every customer is safe from identity theft.
  • Free edits. The CustomWritings experts who write essays for money are always ready to fix any small problems you might find in the final version of your paper. All you need to do is request a revision, no extra payment needed.
  • A customer-friendly, money-back guarantee. We’re always prepared to return your money if we disappoint you. After you request a refund, our managers will personally assess your case and return a fair percentage.

As you can see, we know how to make the help from our college term paper writing service both affordable and safe and still keep up a high quality level. If you decide to buy a research paper online with our help, we’ll do our best to genuinely support you on your academic journey.

Why our write my research paper service

98.74 orders delivered before the deadline
8.5 / 10 average quality score from customers
15+ years in academic writing
264 writers active

How to use a research paper writing company wisely

Getting a higher education is among the biggest challenges you face on your way to becoming a true professional at something you love doing. Online classes don’t make it much easier, and, sometimes, it’s physically impossible to write all your papers on time. All these are well-known facts, and the real question is, what to do about them? Well, the answer is pretty straightforward.

When a learner wakes up to find themselves surrounded by piles of unfinished homework, they definitely need help. A good academic paper writing service can really save the day in a situation like this, so it’s only natural to look for the cheapest one that has the best reviews.

Another important factor is the writer who will process your “write my research paper for me” request online. Are they good enough to do my research paper? Can you hire a better one? What disciplines do their services cover? With CustomWritings, you can find the answers to most of these questions right in front of you. Our specialists are all different but very well qualified. This means that we can complete a vast range of tasks for you and strike a good balance in terms of the price to quality ratio.

So, you can always ask us, “Write my lab report!” or “Do my assignment!” Our online research paper writing service can cope with a variety of tasks thanks to the proficiency of the experts we work with.

Frequently asked questions

Are you sure you can write my research paper for me?

Absolutely. We have a large team of writers experienced in different fields. We are sure that we can find someone among our experts who will write your research paper in the best way.

Is it fair to use a research paper writing service?

Yes, why not? Our service provides high-quality help when you cannot cope with your task. You can hire a tutor, search for examples on the web, or order a personalized example from us to understand how to write a research paper properly.

Is it safe to use research paper services?

We cannot say the same for all sites on the web, but we can guarantee the safety of our research paper service. Our team of IT specialists regularly updates the security of our system to keep your personal information and costs safe.

How much will it cost to do my research paper?

It depends on the number of pages, your deadline, and the academic level. Costs matter when you pay someone to do your research paper, so you can use the calculator on our site to see the price.

Who will be my research paper writer?

Our team includes many professional research paper writers. It is hard to say which one will work on your order. But we can guarantee that it will be someone with the proper knowledge and skills. After placing an order, you will be able to contact the writer directly with any questions you may have.
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